JamJar is a small ski-boat converted into a passenger ferry and licenced to carry 12 passengers.

Kitted out with a shaded roof and awesome sound system, he is perfectly suited for the smaller groups who want to enjoy a quick trip around the harbour , hour out to sea or a private trip.

JamJar does not boast the features that his bigger sister Madevu has, but he gives you the same experience, plus that little moreā€¦getting closer to the bigger ships in the port and being able to chill out and put your feet up and feel the little splashes of water and breeze on your toes and you move through the water.

JamJar caters for:

  • 30 min harbour trips
  • 45 min harbour trips
  • 1 hour sea cruises
  • Private hire
  • Evening trips (Private)
  • Scattering of Ashes
  • Bridal Chariot for Weddings

Please note that trips will be dependant on weather conditions on the day. Should the wind speed exceed what the boat is designed for, the trips will be cancelled. We pride ourselves on safety.